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NVIDIA to announce Atlan SoC

We received a render of the upcoming NVIDIA system on a chip.

Unfortunately, no description was provided along with the picture so we are not entirely sure about the specifications. What we do know is that NVIDIA Atlan is the next-generation SoC for the automobile industry. It seems that NVIDIA is still using names from the Aquaman franchise. Back in 2019, NVIDIA announced Orin SoC, which was named after the first ruler of the Atlantis. Today NVIDIA is announcing Atlan SoC, named after Orin’s father.

The Atlan SoC features Grace-Next CPU and Ampere-Next GPU. The chip also features integrated Bluefield which a data processing unit (DPU). We were actually a bit confused with the annotations on this picture because apparently the CPU and GPU annotations were swapped. That said, it would seem that the Atlan SoC features 12 cores, just as many like Orin. The same could be said about GPU structure, although we are not sure about the number of cores (could be different for this architecture).

Grace CPU returns no results, so it might be an internal name for a new CPU architecture. It is worth noting NVIDIA was rumored to be working on GPU architecture named after Grace Hopper.

NVIDIA will officially announce Atlan SoC at GTC 2021. We expect to hear more about this chip and products based on this chip later today.

NVIDIA Atlan SoC, Source: VideoCardz

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