New 007 Video Game Looks Hopeful As GoldenEye Trademark Renewed

The company that owns the license to James Bond has renewed the GoldenEye trademark for use with “entertainment software”.

Credit: Rare/Nintendo

The spot was made by Xbox era co-founder Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker, who tweeted a link to the trademark renewal [via Comicbook].

Danjaq LLC has held the licence for the 007 franchise since the release of Dr No back in 1962. The copyrights to anything related to the first 20 Bond films are co-owned by Danjaq and MCM Studios.

This copyright extends to GoldenEye 007, which is based on the 1995 Brosnan flick. The trademarks’ renewal suggests that something GoldenEye related is in the works. However, there’s nothing to suggest that the trademark renewal is related to the original N64 game.

The trademark information explicitly states that the renewal is for use on “entertainment software”. However, that term covers a lot of ground, meaning it’s hard to tell what platform the software relates to. While a GoldenEye 007 remake is completely plausible, the license could also be used for a mobile game or something else that’s deemed “electronic”. That being said, Nintendo and Microsoft currently seem to have a good relationship, so in theory, we could see some sort of Rare remake.

Credit: Nintendo

Previously, we learned that an original remake of the GoldenEye game was scrapped by Nintendo. The remake was being handled by Rare, who Microsoft had acquired in 2002.

While a GoldenEye-themed shooter was released for Nintendo Wii back in 2010, the true N64 port was cancelled in 2007. In a follow-up tweet, Nick Baker clarified that the trademark renewal is nothing to do with recent rumours regarding a Nintendo and Microsoft partnership.

“To those of you speculating the Nintendo + Xbox news is related to Goldeneye, it’s not. As I’ve said before, the Goldeneye port was being held back by Danjaq. No one else. That’s why this Danjaq renewal is so ridiculously f*cking exciting.”

Let’s hope that a GoldenEye remake/remaster is now on the cards. While the prospect of a GoldenEye comeback is highly likely, you might want to set some expectations before getting too excited.

With that said, what do you think of the news of the renewed GoldenEye trademark? Let us know across our social media channels!

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