EA Shuts Down Hopes For New Mirror’s Edge Game

Over the weekend the French EA Twitter page sent Mirror’s Edge fans into a frenzy with a tease which many believed could mean a new game is on the cards. Sadly, it seems to not be the case.

Credit: EA

The Twitter page tweeted a pixelated image of what is quite obviously taken from one of the two released Mirror’s Edge games [via Comicbook].

The tweet asks followers “Qui reconnaît ce jeu?”, which roughly translates to “Who recognises this game?

To be fair you don’t have to be much of a fan of the series to recognise that this image is taken from Mirror’s Edge, as the outreached arms and red glove are instantly recognisable.

This tweet could just be a way for the social media account to engage with its followers, especially for an underrated series such as Mirror’s Edge.

mirrors edge
Credit: EA

However, fans were obviously being very hopeful that this might be a tease for a new Mirror’s Edge game, as optimistic as that might seem. While it could seem like a reach, it’s definitely a little strange for EA to be driving hype for Mirror’s Edge right now.

Mirror’s Edge is an odd game to get used to. Its first-person parkour controls aren’t all that welcoming to begin with, but once you click on how the game is played, it’s a fantastic experience in my opinion.

The first Mirror’s Edge released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2008 and received a quite respectable score of around 80 on Metacritic.  

However, its sales didn’t blow the figures out of the water with a reported unit sales of more than 2 million worldwide.

When the sequel arrived in 2016 with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, it surpassed sales of the original game with over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide.  Yet, the sequel wasn’t as critically received scoring an average hovering between 70-75 on Metacritic.

Following on from the tweet that sparked excitement for a potential new Mirror’s Edge game, the French EA account went on to curb expectations – and shut down the hopes of fans.

The tweet roughly translates to: “So, it’s not a tease for a game. If we tease something one day, you will know it right away, don’t worry!

In my personal opinion, while I would like to see a third Mirror’s Edge game on new-gen consoles, I think it’s unlikely at this stage. However, I do believe it’s quite likely that EA might remaster the original game from 2008.

Would you like to see a new game or a remaster of Mirror’s Edge? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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