The Witcher 3 Just Got Bigger With New ‘A Night To Remember’ Quest

The Witcher 3 has a new fan-made quest, one that continues the story of the game’s DLC expansion “Blood and Wine”.

Credit: NexusMods/nikich340

A Night To Rember is a new fan-created experience that follows the character Orianna after the events of Blood and Wine [via wccftech]. The expansion features voice acting, new assets and a mix of old and new characters, alongside a special reward. The mod can be downloaded via Nexusmods, which provides a synopsis for the expansion:

“A Night to Remember is a completely new adventure featuring characters new and old! You can enjoy new writing, cutscenes, voice acting, assets, a special reward, and some difficult decisions…”

Credit: NexusMods/nikich340

“This quest continues the events of Blood & Wine, so it’s required that you’ve completed main story of this DLC. Also it’s recommended to complete/watch “Blood Simple” Orianna’s quest (Unseen Elder path) to avoid spoilers and misunderstandings.”

The quest’s Nexusmod’s page also has a Q&A, which details how the mod was created. The quest’s creator, nikich340, has also listed various instructions and advisories which should help players get the best experience from the mod.

Geralt doing a thumbs up
Credit: CD Projekt Red

According to the Q&A section of their page, the modder will also be creating additional Witcher 3 quests in the future. The “A Night To Remember” mod is compatible with the game’s PC version and acts as a standalone installation. This means that players won’t have to uninstall or modify the vanilla version of the game to experience the fan-made mod.

While the console version of The Witcher 3 isn’t mod compatible, it is getting a next-gen overhaul. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of the game will feature enhanced graphics, ray-tracing, faster loading times and performance. The next-gen version of the game is due later this year, so it shouldn’t be too long before players can experience The Witcher 3 all over again. 

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Featured Image Credit: NexusMods/nikich340

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