Play As Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn In Resident Evil 3 Remake

You can now play as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn in the Resident Evil 3 remake thanks to the hard work of the talented modding community.

Credit: Capcom

Perhaps more than most video game franchises, Resident Evil has a thriving modding community. Mods exist for just about every Resident Evil game imaginable, and mods such as Resident Evil: During the Storm and Resident Evil: Untold take the retro classics to another level.

However, since the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake and the Resident Evil 3 remake from 2020, these technically superior releases have blown the door wide open for a number of guest appearances from characters from other franchises.

aloy in re 3 mod
Credit: YouTube/Regular Damoレギュラーダモ

We’ve seen awesome mods which include the likes of Ellie from The Last of Us, Geralt from The Witcher, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, and Abby from The Last of Us 2, plus many more.

Two of my personal favourite mods replace all zombies with the legendary Tofu, and there’s even another that replaces all zombies with dinosaurs.

Some of these cameo mods which replace character models are created to such a high standard, that at times, they look like they belong in the game. One such mod adds Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn into the action.

aloy in re 3 mod
Credit: YouTube/Regular Damoレギュラーダモ

Yes, I know that Aloy does look out of place in this mod, but there’s little denying that she looks absolutely awesome. Plus I have no doubts that this badass would be able to survive any zombie outbreak that is thrown at her! Check out the mod in the video below, via YouTube channel Regular Damoレギュラーダモ.

As spotted by DSOGaming, the Aloy mod is created by DarknessValtier and while it doesn’t feature Aloy’s voice, the expressions and animations look fantastic.  If you want to download the Horizon Zero Dawn mod for the Resident Evil 3 remake, you can do so here.

What are your thoughts on the Aloy mod for the Resident Evil 3 remake? Be sure to let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Regular Damoレギュラーダモ

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