The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Lady Dimitrescu’s ‘Ass-ets’

Following the latest gameplay reveal for Resident Evil Village, the internet has been sent into a further frenzy over the “ass-ets” of Lady Dimitrescu a.k.a the “Tall Lady”.

The gameplay in question is courtesy of IGN First and it shows Resident Evil Village running on a PS4 Pro.

I am a bit dubious as to why we’ve not seen gameplay for the base PS4 or Xbox One. Let’s just hope we don’t get another Cyberpunk 2077 situation.

Credit: Capcom

Still, this is quite a special moment for Resident Evil fans. RE Village was never intended to release on last-gen consoles, until it was revealed at the showcase event back in January.

The new gameplay gives us glimpses of some new areas of the Dimitrescu castle. In one scene we see the Tall Lady vampire vixen walking up a staircase and in another, we’re taken to the dungeons to encounter some ghastly ghouls.

Towards the end of the gameplay reveal we also see more of that mysterious telephone conversation that Lady Dimitrescu is seemingly having with her boss from the January showcase.

However, what we didn’t see back in January is what happens when the phone conversation ends, Lady Dimitrescu rages and launches her vintage vanity table across her room with ease!

During this particular segment, we also see two new factors. One, located in the bottom right-hand corner is the option to enter a Photo Mode and the other is, well, Lady Dimitrescu’s “ass-ets“.

When Lady Dimitrescu launches her vanity table across her room, we see her curvy form in all her glory and the internet can’t get enough! If you thought the tall memes were bad, get ready for some rear-end action.

On Twitter, fans have been sharing their excitement of the curvy Tall Lady, though I’m sure that love will soon turn into terror when she’s trying to kill us all. However, until then, let’s just enjoy the vampire vixen while we can.

I don’t know whether or not I’ve simply been watching too much Teen Titans Go with my son, but after seeing more of Lady Dimitrescu, all I can think is “can she do the Booty Scooty?

Now can you imagine the screenshots that will swarm the internet when we get our filthy paws on Photo Mode? If you think it’s bad now, it’s going to get truly crazy when Resident Evil Village launches next month!

Resident Evil Village releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 7th.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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