Gigabyte preparing X570S motherboards, could be for AMD Zen3+ “Warhol” CPUs –

AMD X570S chipset

AMD could launch a new version of its X570 chipset.

Gigabyte X570 Motherboard Series, Source: Gigabyte

The X570 motherboards were introduced back in July 2019. Nearly two years later AMD might release a new variant, a leak from the Eurasian Economic Commission certification office seems to suggest.

Gigabyte has submitted eight X570S motherboards to EEC. This is so far the first trace of such a variant. It is unclear what the S here stands for, could mean SUPER or it could mean nothing. What is also unknown is whether the S is Gigabyte specific moniker or, what seems more likely, a new AMD chipset.

Gigabyte X570S motherboards, Source: EEC

Later this year AMD is rumored to launch its Zen3+ series codenamed Warhol. Little is known about these series yet, except that they should provide a performance uplift from matured manufacturing of Zen3 cores. In fact, AMD might not even call them Zen3+ although that’s what the rumors have been suggesting for a while now. It is worth noting that last year AMD already did a similar refresh of its Zen2 cores with Mattise Refresh aka Ryzen 3000XT.

It is unclear what changes could the X570S chipset offer over the original. PC Games Hardware has recently updated its AMD Chipset overview story with a nice diagram showing the main differences between all three chipsets. It is possible that apart from Zen3+ support, the X570S could bring changes to the I/O layout.

AMD 500 series chipset comparison, Source: PC Games Hardware

Source: EEC #1, #2 via @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

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