Intel preparing Tiger Lake-U and H35 Series Refresh –

Intel Tiger Lake Refresh

Intel is refreshing its quad-core lineup with a bit faster SKUs.

According to the latest rumors, Intel will do a refresh of its U-Series as well as H35-Series based on Willow Cove architecture. Both CPU product lines are based on the same quad-core implementation. The news of a refresh arrives just as we expect Intel to release its Tiger Lake H-Series, which are the first 8-core Willow Cove CPUs.

Intel i7-11390H & i5-11320H

Notebookcheck has recently updated its CPU database with two parts: i7-11390H and i5-11320H. Those SKUs would have 100 MHz higher base clocks and 300 MHz higher all-core boost clocks. To be more precise, it’s a frequency increase from 4.3 GHz to 4.6 GHz with all 4 cores on 11390H from 11370H and upgrades from 4.0 GHz on 11300H to 4.3 GHz on 11320H. According to Notebookcheck, both SKUs would launch in the third quarter.

Intel i7-1195G7 & i5-115G7

Intel is also planning a refresh of its UP3 series. New parts have been spotted recently by @momomo_us. There is even a benchmark from PugetSystems featuring Core i7-1195G7 part allegedly with a base clock of 2.9 GHz. Overall, the data on these ultra-low-power SKUs is limited. We did find a reference to a max turbo clock of 4.8 GHz, the same frequency as the current flagship i7-1185G7. Thus, we expect changes to the all-core turbo frequency and possibly to integrated graphics.

The i7-1155G7 would boost up to 4.7 GHz according to some retailer websites that we discovered. With a base clock of 2.8 GHz, this part would have the same base and turbo specs as 1165G7, therefore we also expect this SKU to feature a different all-core turbo frequency, in this case, lower than 1165G7.

Intel Core i7-1195G7 Specifications, Source: PugetSystems & Dell24

Intel Core i7-1155G7 Specifications, Source: studi-notebooks & isy

Below you will find an almost complete Intel Tiger Lake lineup, including the upcoming 8-core SKUS and the ‘refresh’ parts that will be introduced in the coming months. Do note that this list lacks ‘GxE’ SKUs. However, those are not important to typical consumers, as they were designed for embedded systems.

RUMORED Intel Tiger Lake Series Specifications
Core SKU Cores / Threads Base Clock All-Core Turbo Clock Max Turbo Clock TDP Xe EUs Release Date
i9-11980HK TBC Q2 2021
i9-11900H TBC  Q2 2021
i7-11800H TBC  Q2 2021
i7-11600H TBC TBC TBC Rumored
i5-11400H TBC  Q2 2021
i5-11260H TBC  Q2 2021
i7-11390H Q3 2021 ?
i7-11375H Q1 2021
 i7-11370H Q1 2021
i5-11320H TBC Q3 2021 ?
i5-11300H Q1 2021
i7-1195G7 TBC Q3 2021 ?
i7-1185G7 Q4 2020
i7-1165G7 Q3 2020
i7-1155G7 TBC Q3 2021 ?
i5-1145G7 TBC Q1 2021
i5-1135G7 Q3 2020
i3-1125G4 Q1 2021
i3-1115G4 Q3 2020
i7-1180G7 Q3 2020
i7-1160G7 Q3 2020
i5-1140G7 Q1 2021
i5-1130G7 Q3 2020
i3-1120G4 Q1 2021
i3-1110G4 Q3 2020

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