Intel confirms “Raptor Lake S” through its official repostitory website –

Intel 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake-S

Intel has confirmed the Raptor Lake series on its official website.

Just last two weeks ago we confirmed Raptor Lake-S which is a codename for the upcoming 13th Gen Core S-Series for desktop processors. Today Intel has revealed the codename on its official repository website.

Intel Raptor Lake-S has been listed alongside Alder Lake-S in compatibility guidance. In fact, the file has a description that says “Provides customers an overview of high-level compatibility guidance between Alder Lake S and Raptor Lake S”, which basically confirms that both series are designed for the same platform, aka LGA1700 socket. Multiple files have been tagged with Raptor Lake, including the latest Q4 2020 roadmap. Unfortunately none of those files are accessible to the public.

Intel Raptor Lake on Intel website, Source: Intel

A slide that we leaked lists Raptor Lake-S as a 2022 product. The series would provide an upgrade to hybrid technology, a better cache for gaming, and new memory support. Raptor Lake, just as Alder Lake is designed for desktop and mobile platforms.

Intel Roadmap with “Raptor Lake”, Source: VideoCardz

Unreleased Intel Mainstream Desktop CPU Series Specs Rocket Lake-S Alder Lake-S Raptor Lake-S Meteor Lake-S Lunar Lake-S
Launch Date March 30, 2021 Q4 2021 2022 2023 (?) 2024 (?)
Fabrication Node 14nm 10nm Enhanced SuperFin 10nm Enhanced SuperFin (?) 7nm Enhanced SuperFin (?) TBC
Core µArch Cypress Cove Golden Cove + Gracemont Golden Cove + Gracemont (?) Redwood Cove + Gracemont (?) TBC
Graphics µArch Gen12.1 Gen12.2 Gen12.2 Gen 12.7 Gen 13
Max Core Count up to 8 cores up to 16 (8+8) up to 16 (8+8) TBC TBC
Socket LGA1200 LGA1700 LGA1700 LGA1700 TBC
Memory Support DDR4 DDR4/DDR5 DDR5 DDR5 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe 4.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0
Intel Core Series 11th Gen Core-S 12th Gen Core-S 13th Gen Core-S 14th Gen Core-S 14th Gen Core-S
Motherboard Chipsets Intel 500 (Z590) Intel 600 (eg. Z690) TBC TBC TBC

Source: Intel via @momomo_us

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