ASUS DG1 graphics card only compatible with two motherboards –

ASUS has finally revealed details of its DG1 graphics card

ASUS DG1 specification reveals that the graphics card is only compatible with two motherboards.

ASUS DG1-4GB, Source: ASUS

The DG1 GPU is based on Intel Xe-LP architecture, which has seen much wider adoption in Tiger Lake-U mobile processors as integrated graphics. It was also released as a discrete mobile GPU as Iris Xe MAX. The desktop GPU variant called Iris Xe has actually fewer cores than Xe MAX. The ASUS DG1 graphics card features 80 Execution Units (640 Shading Units), which is 128 FP32 ALUs fewer than a full DG1 GPU.

The ASUS DG1 is equipped with three display outputs including DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D. Unfortunately, ASUS does not specify the exact versions of the outputs, but users should not expect HDMI 2.1 support on this discrete GPU, since Xe-LP lacks support for this standard.

ASUS confirms that the graphics card has a PCI Gen3 x4 interface, this is despite official pictures showing a full-sized PCIe connector. It is likely that the final product will have those lanes removed, which is actually quite common for entry-level GPUs.

Intel did reveal that desktop DG1 models will require a special BIOS to work. ASUS has so far confirmed that only two motherboards are certified to work with its DG1 graphics card: PRIME H410M-A/CSM and PRO B460M-C/CSM.  The CSM stands for Corporate Stable Model, which is a dedicated series for business and corporate users with extended product support. As of now, these two boards are as of now the only two boards that officially support Intel Xe graphics on desktop, that’s of course not including Intel’s engineering boards, which have never been shown to the public.

Source: ASUS via @momomo_us

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