Intel announces 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake-SP) launch event on April 6th –

Intel will show ‘How Wonderful Gets Done’ on April 6th

The calendar gets full of Intel events.

AnandTech has reported about an email that was sent out by Intel. The company is planning to provide a first look at its 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable server processors codenamed Ice Lake-SP. The event is planned for April 6th.

Intel announced the ‘How Wonderful Gets Done 2021’ launch event where its new CEO, Pat Gelsinger as well as Navin Shenoy, VP of Intel’s Data Platforms Group, and Lisa Spelman, VP of Xeon and Memory Group will be the key speakers. This event is likely to be dedicated to the new Xeon series, the first 10nm server chips by Intel.

The company does not actually mention Xeon launch on the special event website but has confirmed that 3rd Gen Xeon will be shown for the first time in an invitation email that AnandTech has posted. The company also wants to talk about Open RAN (radio access network), This is a term for industry-wide interface standards that allow RAN equipment and software from different vendors to communicate. Furthermore, it will discuss how hybrid workloads should be managed as well as provide a first look at Intel’s Link Performance Predictor.

The event takes place after Pat Gelsinger’s webcast, now scheduled for March 23rd. The announcement video for Gelsinger’s webcast featured a 28-core Intel Xeon CPU wafer codenamed Ice Lake-SP.

Intel Xeon launch invitation, Source: AnandTech

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How Wonderful Gets Done 2021 will be your chance to hear directly from our leaders as they outline a bold vision for Intel technologies from the edge to the cloud. Join us for a launch event that will offer expert insights from Intel and our ecosystem partners, as well as a deep look at our re-imagined solutions.

Source: Intel, AnandTech

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