Full-Length Horror Movie Based On Haunted Animal Crossing Game Announced

Wow, just wow! Some talented filmmakers have actually turned Animal Crossing into a scary horror short, and it’s made such a splash that a feature-length film is being made.

Don’t Peek” is a six-minute horror movie about a girl in her room, chilling out and playing charming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Credit: Nintendo/GameByte

However, she notices that some of the actions that she’s performing in-game are happening in her bedroom. For example, if she opens a drawer in her Animal Crossing house, the drawer in her bedroom will open. Likewise, if she turns a light on/off in her game, the light in her bedroom also turns on/off.

At first, this seems like harmless fun (though if this happened to me, I’d be launching that Nintendo Switch out the window, likely with me still attached).

dont peek animal crossing horror
Credit: Julian Terry

Anywho! The girl soon realises that this might not be harmless fun as she sees a ghostly figure lurking in the shadows within her game before it asks her “will you let me out?

Fans of the Ben Drowned Creepypasta will definitely see some similarities here!

I won’t say much else about the short film, because you should really watch it for yourself as it’s fantastic, and I’m far from the only person that’s been impressed by this short horror movie. Check it out below.

As reported by Deadline, Don’t Peek will be getting a full-length version and will be appearing in select theatres.

Don’t Peek is directed by Julian Terry and stars Katie C’etta, and was actually uploaded to YouTube in October 2020.  

Its sinister charm very much reminds me of another short horror movie called Lights Out (as seen below), which also later had its own feature-length version.

Were you unnerved by Don’t Peek as much as I was, and are you looking forward to the full-length Animal Crossing horror? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Julian Terry

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