American McGee Shares New Art For Alice Sequel

American McGee has shared new artwork relating to his upcoming adventure game, Alice: Asylum.

The art has been uploaded to Instagram by Adam Narozanski, who is currently working on pre-production art for the game.

American McGee shared the art on his personal Twitter account and a link to a full Instagram gallery:

“Adam Narozanski is one of the artists working on Alice: Asylum pre-production art, and he’s just set up a new Instagram account. You can check it out here: Lots of great Asylum art and other beautiful work as well!”

More concept art, this time from developer and artist Omri Koresh, was also shared by McGee. Check it out below.

Alice: Asylum is an upcoming sequel to the 2011 game Alice: Madness Returns. While the game is set to release in October this year, there are legal implications when it comes to publishing.

EA currently holds the rights to American McGee’s Alice, so the sequel’s future is reliant on the publisher’s cooperation. According to McGee’s Patreon account, negotiations over rights with EA are going smoothly, although we still don’t know who the publisher will eventually be.

Credit: American McGee

The proceeds from McGee’s Pateron are funding the game’s development, so if EA hands over the rights, the game could be published by Spicy Horse (McGee’s own studio).

As for Narozanski’s artwork, each piece perfectly illustrates the series’ depiction of Wonderland. The Alice series is known for being a gritty take on the children’s story, abundant with metaphorical imagery and malice.

If you’ve played Alice: Madness Returns, then you’ll likely know what to expect from the sequel. The game is essentially a hack n’ slash platformer with a psychological horror shell, which makes for a perfect pairing.

While Alice: Asylum doesn’t have a solid release date, American McGee expects it to be available later this year. If you’d like to support the project, you can do so at McGee’s Patreon account, which has three membership levels.

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