AMD Radeon RX 6800M high-end mobile gaming card to feature Navi 22 GPU –

AMD returning to high-end mobile gaming with Radeon RX 6800M?

AMD is allegedly planning Radeon RX 6800M, its first high-end gaming graphics card for laptops in many years.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Laptop GPUs, Source: AMD

Last year AMD introduced Radeon RX 5600M and RX 5700M, both based on Navi 10 GPU. These cards were not very popular, mainly due to how few laptops were equipped with these cards. In 2021 AMD is clearly focusing on high-end laptop designs and has already made the headlines with its Cezanne H-Series high-end Ryzen CPUs. What the AMD mobile ecosystem still lacks are high-end GPUs to accompany these processors. This, however, is about to change.

According to Komachi, who discovered RX 6800M in the most recent display driver, AMD is planning Navi 22 based Radeon RX 6800M graphics card. The GPU would use a Device ID of 73D5:C3, which is sandwiched between two variants of desktop Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics cards (varying by TGP specifications). Since both of those variants have 2560 Stream Processors (the full configurations), it would be obvious to expect RX 6800M also to feature the full GPU specs.

AMD Radeon RX 6800M, Source: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

The Navi 22 mobile GPU has already been rumored to launch in four TGP variants: 145W, 135W, 100W, and 90W. The highest power variant might actually be the card in question, the RX 6800M. Other variants are currently not attached to any product name, but one would guess that Navi 22 will also cover RX 6700M and possibly AMD’s response to NVIDIA Max-Q chips, those would be the 100W and 90W variants.

We have recently compiled a full TGP (Total Graphics Power) specification table for all six mobile GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA. The AMD specs are based on leaks, whereas NVIDIA specs are mainly based on the data from notebook manufacturers.

2021 Mobile GPU Power Requirements
VideoCardz RTX 3080 RTX 3070 RTX 3060 NAVI 22 NAVI 23 NAVI 24

The Navi 22 mobile processor is expected to launch with either 192-bit or 160-bit memory bus. This will allow 12GB and 10GB memory configuration based on this GPU. The RX 6600M and RX 6500M are more likely to launch with Navi 23, the entry-level GPU expected to compete with NVIDIA GA106 GPU-based models. Lastly, the Navi 24 is probably going to remain a choice for multimedia laptops, competing with discrete GPU options such as Intel Xe MAXX or NVIDIA MX400 series.

(SPECULATION) AMD Radeon (RDNA) Mobile Series GPU Cores Memory Size Memory Speed Bandwidth
RX 6000M (RDNA2)
RX 6800M Navi 22 (?) 2560 (?) 12GB G6 (?) 14 Gbps 192-bit (?) 336 GB/s
RX 6700M Navi 22 (?) 2304 (?) 10GB G6 (?) 14 Gbps 160-bit (?) 280 GB/s
RX 6600M Navi 23 (?) 2048 (?) 8GB G6 (?) 12 Gbps 128-bit (?) 224 GB/s
RX 6500M Navi 23 (?)  (?) 4GB G6 (?) 12 Gbps 128-bit (?) 192 GB/s
RX 6300M Navi 24 (?)  (?) 4GB G6 (?) 12 Gbps 64-bit (?) 96 GB/s
RX 5000M (RDNA1)
RX 5700M Navi 10 XLM 2304 8GB G6 12 Gbps 256-bit 384 GB/s
RX 5600M Navi 10 XME 2304 6GB G6 12 Gbps 192-bit 288 GB/s
RX 5500M Navi 14 XTM 1408 4GB G6 14 Gbps 128-bit 224 GB/s
RX 5300M Navi 14 1408 3GB G6 14 Gbps 96-bit 168 GB/s


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