Latest GTA Update Reportedly Breaks Game On Consoles

A recent GTA 5 title update has reportedly broken the game on console, according to reports by Twisted Voxel.

Credit: Rockstar Games

The GTA 5 1.54 Title Update has caused various issues on consoles, from system crashes to an inability to load. The problems affect both single player and online multiplayer modes, and essentially rmake the game unplayable.

The update improves GTA’s load times on PC, a fix that was suggested to Rockstar by a technically savvy fan. Unfortunately, it seems like Rockstar’s managed to get something wrong when carrying out the changes on console hardware.

GTA fans affected by the update have taken to Reddit in an effort to share information and potential fixes. It’s worth mentioning that the update works perfectly fine on PC but appears to be producing mixed results on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Loading Times Have FINALLY been patched – Discussion Thread from r/gtaonline

The PC version has apparently reduced loading times to around 30 seconds, which is a phenomenal improvement.

Strangely, the patch notes for the console version of the game only cite “general network connectivity improvements”, which wouldn’t usually cause so much havoc.

While some players have found temporary fixes, it seems like Rockstar needs to implement another patch. The patch has also apparently resolved the test NAT glitch on Xbox consoles, which allows solo access to GTA Online. The gitch was often used to complete missions free from online multiplayer. 

The Rockstar Support site doesn’t currently mention any network issues with Grand Theft Auto online, so that the issues will be mainly down to the game’s new code.

If you’re currently experiencing GTA 5 issues thanks to the update, you can report bugs and technical issues to Rockstar via its website. Alternatively, you can share your problems via the community Rockstar Support page.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games 

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