Xbox VR Headset May Have Just Leaked Thanks To New Earphones

The new Xbox Wireless headset may have accidentally revealed that an Xbox VR headset is on the way.

Credit: Microsoft

As revealed in an article from IGN Italy, when the new Xbox Wireless headset is plugged into the console, an operating system message appears for Xbox Series X|S.

The message in question reportedly instructs the player to update the firmware. More specifically it reads “this VR headset needs an update”.

Considering there’s been no official word of an Xbox VR headset, the wording here is definitely curious.

xbox wireless headset
Credit: Microsoft

Perhaps this message is a glitch of some sort, but it seems to be very specific and it’s not outside the realms of possibility that Microsoft would launch its own headset to compete with the PSVR.

Fuel is added to the speculative fire as the VR headset is reportedly referred to more than once in pop up messages that followed the initial alert.

Personally, while I’m not a fan of VR as most games make me feel ill, I still find it quite exciting that Microsoft could finally be working on its own VR headset for Xbox.

Xbox series x
Credit: Microsoft

Now that cat is seemingly out of the bag, it wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft makes an official announcement soon, perhaps during the E3 season this coming June.

Back in December 2020, an update went live for the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator that allowed the game to be played using a VR headset. 

So when the release date for the flight sim is announced for Xbox Series X|S, it would also be a perfect time to announce the new VR headset in my opinion.

A plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Obviously, this is just rumour and speculation at this stage, so take this news with a pinch of salt.

Are you excited that Microsoft could finally be releasing a VR headset for Xbox Series X|S in the near future? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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