John Marston Can Actually Swim In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption fans will likely know that John Marston has an aversion to swimming. Well, it turns out that he’s been playing us this entire time.

Credit: Rockstar Games

John Marston is the main protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption, but he’s heavily involved in the sequel/prequel.

Marston is as hard as nails and is probably the gruffest grifter in the game. Yet, for whatever reason, the character can’t swim, which is both a technicality of the first game and a part of the character’s canon. However, it turns out Marston can swim in Red Dead Redemption 2, with one player catching the cowboy on candid camera [via TheGamer].

The video was posted by Redditor alexgiiraud and features a rather unorthodox approach to teaching Marston how to swim. Check it out above!

In the clip, Marston is accompanying player protagonist Arthur Morgan, walking along some train tracks. It’s when walking on the tracks that alexgirraud makes their move, shoulder slamming Marston off the tracks and into the lake. The result? Well, Marston didn’t sink like a stone. Instead, he awkwardly swims to the shore, with all the grace you’d expect from the character.

Hilariously, alexgiiraud starts shooting at the floundering Marston in an attempt to check for glitches.

john marston
Credit: Rockstar Games

It’s worth noting that the reason Marston can swim is likely down to him being an NPC. Each NPC is likely programmed to swim to the nearest shore if they end up in the drink.

Reddit reacted precisely how you’d expect, with a mixture of amusement and disbelief. Some players were confused as to how Marston was able to venture outside the game’s camp. Alexgiiraud points out that the video isn’t taking place during a mission but rather a scenario in between.

Another reply suggests that the video’s character is John Marston’s evil twin, Mohn Jarston, which admittedly made me ugly laugh. Personally, I’d love to see this become cannon. I mean, it’d be wonderful if there was a weird version of Martson hidden at the camp, feeding on fish heads.

Players are learning more and more about Rockstar’s spaghetti western as time goes on. Who knows, perhaps we’ll find out more secrets about John Marston – like his swimming abilities – in the future.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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