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DDR5 memory tested on Intel Alder Lake-S platform

Memory manufacturers are already using the 12th Gen Core series for performance evaluation of DDR5 technology.

Chinese memory manufacturer called Longsys has released test results featuring its new DDR5 memory kit featuring yet unannounced Intel Alder Lake-S platform. The new Intel CPUs will be the first mainstream desktop series to support DDR5 technology.

The Chinese memory manufacturer tested two kits. One was a single rank and the other was dual-rank (both x8). The former features 16GB of capacity, whereas the second kit was 32GB. Both kids have the same specifications of 4800 MHz and CL40 (40-40-40-77) timings.

Longsys has used Intel’s Alder Lake-S development board. It’s a special board that was distributed to motherboard manufacturers, system integrators, OEMs, and memory manufacturers who are currently developing their own hardware for the 12th Gen Core series. The same developement board could actually be seen during CES 2021 demonstration:

Intel Alder Lake-S Test Platform, Source: MyDriver

The platform was equipped with 8-core Alder Lake CPU ES1 (Engineering Sample 1), which was clocked at just 800 MHz. Future engineering and qualification samples will have higher clock speeds.

According to Longsys tests, the DDR5-4800 MHz memory scored 53% higher than DDR4 memory (likely 4800 MHz kit as well) in the Chinese PC testing tool called Ludashi (memory test). In AIDA64 the read speed has increased by 28% and write speeds are 27% higher. Higher bandwidth comes at a cost of higher latency, which has almost doubled from 56.8ns on DDR4 memory to 112.1 ns ton DDR5.

Intel Alder Lake-S will launch by the end of this year. It is said that the new series will offer support for both DDR4 and DDR5 memory depending on the motherboard used. Memory makers are yet to announce the mass production of the DDR5 kits.

Source: MyDrivers

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