‘An Airport For Aliens Currently Run by Dogs’ Is An Absurd Title For A Game

I know what you’re thinking: ‘An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs’ is a mouthful of a title. However, don’t let that put you off, because this is definitely one intriguing game!

Credit: Strange Scaffold

Firstly let’s put that daft title aside (as fun as it is). The game’s synopsis provides us with an alternative name, alongside a vague explanation of its mechanics:

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs is an open-world comedy adventure game. Talk to stock photo dogs. Solve their problems. Catch your flight. And call it Dog Airport Game when you get tired of saying the full title, like I did three months ago.”

dog airport game
Credit: Strange Scaffold

Dog Airport Game is actually a dystopian tale about the last two humans left in the universe. The game essentially involves dealing with travel issues, primarily caused by dogs running the airports.

As if the game isn’t slapstick enough, the game’s dogs are all literal 2D stock images, which is sort of adorable. The game’s developer, Strange Scaffold, has also included a list of in-game features on its Steam page, which make about as much sense as the synopsis:

dog airport game
Credit: Strange Scaffold
  • Bribe Dog, the dog who loves bribes.
  • Secrets scattered across a universe of large, simulated airports, complete with timetables and flight cancellations.
  • Awkward conversations with your canine fellow passengers.
  • An alien language you can translate, to discover the bad jokes dogs write when humans aren’t around.
  • A cup of coffee larger than your body.
  • A cup of coffee larger than a building.
  • Spray cans you can use to cocoon the building-sized coffee monolith with festive colors before drinking it in a single gulp.
  • A healthy long-distance relationship.
  • An infinite number of hands that you can use to pet any dog, at any time.

Beneath Dog Airport Game’s absurd aesthetic is a compelling love story about “you” and your fiance. The game’s strange universe makes reuniting with your partner a struggle, mainly since the new world comprises of overly complicated airports.

Perhaps petting a whole load of dogs and solving a bunch of pedigree problems will help you reach your one true love. Failing that, at least you got to meet a bunch of excellent doggos along the way.

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs doesn’t currently have a release date. However, you can book your floofer flight in advance by adding it to your wish list on Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Strange Scaffold

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