God Of War Studio Is Hiring For An Unannounced Game

God of War developer Santa Monica Studio is advertising for someone to join their team to work on an unannounced title, which could mean the team is working on something which isn’t God of War.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

The job in question is for a Lead Writer. The listing was shared in a tweet from Santa Monica Studio, who tells would-be candidates that the team is “looking for a master of storytelling to join our team on a new announced title as a Lead Writer!

Obviously, the natural assumption would be that this might be for a new God of War game, after all, this is the franchise that Santa Monica Studio is most famous for.

However, seeing as this is for an “unannounced title” we can rule out God of War: Ragnarok (which isn’t officially called “Ragnarok”).

That’s not to say that the secret game isn’t a God of War title, because the job listing doesn’t say new IP, just an “unannounced title”.

Kratos in God of War
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

In 2015, God of War 3 was remastered for the PlayStation 4, a game that originally released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3.

After God of War 3’s initial release in 2010, a prequel called God of War: Ascension launched in 2013. Perhaps this unannounced game could be a remaster for God of War: Ascension?

However, it is of course possible that the upcoming title has nothing to do with the God of War franchise. Santa Monica Studio is also known for aiding the development of indie studios for some quirky, yet brilliant games.

God of war original
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Over the years Santa Monica Studio has helped to develop the likes of Flower, The Unfinished Swan, Journey, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and What Remains of Edith Finch.

Oh, and the team did help the development of 2015’s The Order: 1886, but perhaps the less said about that game, the better.

So what could this unannounced game be? At this stage, it’s anyone’s guess, and it’s very likely that any kind of reveal is months away at least.  

However, that does give us plenty of time to speculate! Do you think this could be a new unannounced God of War game? Let us know your best guesses across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio

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