‘There Was Very Little We Didn’t Screw Up With Fallout 76,’ Says Todd Howard

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has opened up about Fallout 76, claiming “there was very little we didn’t screw up”.

Credit: Bethesda

The comment was made during a recent livestreamed Xbox and Bethesda roundtable event. Howard made the admission about Fallout 76 during the conversation, which seems to be relatively remorseful [via PCGamer].

When that game launched, the litany of issues we had, and we let a lot of people down, and, well, there was very little we didn’t screw up honestly,” admitted Howard during the show.

During the conversation, the Bethesda boss also suggested that Game Pass services could make developing games like Fallout 76 much more manageable.

Fallout’s online multiplayer experience was problematic to say the least. The game felt very distant from Bethesda’s usual take on the franchise. There was both a lack of NPCs and a general lack of things to do. The experience was also extremely buggy at launch, which tarnished the game’s reputation.

fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

Howard has previously expressed his regrets about Fallout 76, stating that the game should have had a free beta before launch [via PCGamer].

The director also praised Game Pass as a business model, and claimed that it helps facilitate things like public betas and playtesting. 

Microsoft apparently provided Bethesda with data based on games similar to Fallout 76. This helped Bethesda resolve some of the game’s issues. Howard rounded off his remarks by stating that Fallout 76 is “one of the most-played games on Xbox”, which is pretty impressive.

fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda seems to be confident in Xbox Game Pass and its abilities, with Game Pass now having 20 Bethesda titles available. Xbox’s Phil Spencer has also confirmed that some future Bethesda games will be exclusive to Game Pass.

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