New Call Of Duty: Warzone Map ‘Coming With Season 3,’ Claims Leaker

A known Call of Duty: Warzone leaker has claimed that the new Warzone map will arrive with Season 3 later this spring.

In recent Call of Duty: Warzone news, leaked audio logs indicated that the free-to-play Warzone will be receiving some form of a reboot.

Credit: Activision

The audio logs spoke of mass hordes of zombies swarming the Verdansk map, and despite the player’s best efforts, attempts would be futile. The only way to stop the army of the undead would be to drop a nuke on the map.

Some of the audio logs can be heard saying: “Don’t turn into a zombie! For Verdansk!” and “We can’t lose Verdansk, fight those damn zombies!” and this is the end”, adding “extraction failed, nuke inbound for Verdansk.

Reliable Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson has now spoken out on the rumours of a new map. Taking to Twitter, Henderson claimed that “The current plan for Warzone is that Verdansk will never return.

Since the leaks initially broke, Henderson has been asked by followers if the new Warzone map will be arriving this week. That does not appear to be the case, according to Henderson.

Henderson claims the new Warzone map will arrive with Season 3, which isn’t likely to kick off until April 22nd.

Not sure why people still keep tweeting me about the new Warzone map coming ‘this week‘,” said Henderson in a tweet.

The tweet continued: “It will come at the start of Season 3.  Zombies still need to invade the entire Warzone map.

As Henderson stated in the above tweet, Zombies still have to invade Verdansk before this invasion story officially begins. Thankfully, that plot seems to now be unfolding as zombies have further invaded Verdansk. Despite Henderson’s very accurate track record with leaks, it’s important to take the comments with a pinch of salt until confirmed.

When you consider that Season 3 won’t begin until the end of April, I imagine it will be a slow-burn storytelling process leading up to the very moment when the new Warzone map arrives.

Regardless of when the Zombie invasion truly begins in Warzone, it should be an exciting few weeks ahead for Call of Duty fans, and judging by an Emergency Broadcast, that time is nigh!

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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