Resident Evil Village Director Teases Huge Surprise For Ethan Winters

The director of Resident Evil Village has stated that “the biggest surprise you could possibly imagine awaits Ethan Winters” in the upcoming title.

Credit: Capcom

I’ll be honest, as much as I loved Resident Evil 7, its faceless protagonist Ethan Winters had about as much charisma and charm as a soggy cardboard cut-out.

Even though I love the story of an everyday man venturing into the middle of nowhere to search for his missing wife, Ethan had little character in RE7 (though I think that was intentionally done by Capcom).

However, in Resident Evil Village it seems that Capcom is giving Ethan a lot of story built upon the foundations of RE7. Many fans hope that we might even see what he looks like!

As revealed in previous presentations, the story of Resident Evil Village will involve Ethan travelling to a mysterious village located somewhere in a remote part of Eastern Europe.

In various trailers we also witness Mia, Ethan’s wife, seemingly being killed by Chris Redfield. Ethan’s baby daughter Rosemary has also apparently been kidnapped and taken to the village. 

Witch in RE 8
Credit: Capcom

When Ethan arrives at the village, it seems that many of its creepy residents know the Winters name.

In recent months, Capcom has been quite generous with the story details of Resident Evil Village, however, there seems to be more than meets the eye. Especially when it concerns Ethan.

In Edge Magazine, issue 356 [via WCCFTech], Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato has revealed that we’re in for a shocker.

The biggest surprise you could possibly imagine awaits Ethan Winters in this story.  What that is, you’ll have to see for yourself!” teased Sato.

During the same interview, Sato also revealed that the developers at Capcom had considered the idea of having Resident Evil Village being playable in third-person perspective.

However, the developer decided to stick with the first-person perspective from Resident Evil 7, as they felt it benefited the story of Ethan Winters.

There were originally some opinions within the team saying that third-person perspective might bring a different kind of combat experience, but I believe that the first-person perspective allows us to express the more up-close-and-personal fear and desperation of the story of Ethan Winters,” Sato said.

In terms of other new surprises, Sato teased that there’s plenty more that we still don’t know.

Box art for Resident Evil Village
Credit: Capcom

As you know, one of the central themes of the Resident Evil series is horror or fear, and I would just warn you not to take anything you’ve seen so far as an indication that you can relax in terms of horror content! There are plenty of intense and horrifying scenes in the game, but we’ve chosen to leave those for you to experience by yourself.

Personally, I can’t wait to find out what secrets there are to discover when Resident Evil Village releases in just two months’ time.

Resident Evil Village will release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.  You can also pre-order a copy of RE Village from the GameByte Shop!

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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