You Can Now Refund Your Twitch Sub If You Just Wanted a Shoutout

Twitch has now added an option to instantly cancel your subscription if you only wanted a shoutout.

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If you watch streams on Twitch or YouTube, the chances are that you would have seen the option to make a donation or a super chat. Paying for these extras gives viewers some priority above the regular chat, usually to ask a question or pay a compliment to the streamer.

Sometimes viewers of a stream quite like to see their name appear on the screen, or have a question answered, plus it’s a great way to support your favourite content creators.

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There is also an option to subscribe to your favourite content creator to offer additional financial support with recurring payments.

When you set up a recurring subscription to your favourite streamer, your name will often appear on the stream and can result in a shoutout.

Much like a donation or super chat, having your name appear on the screen and perhaps even getting a shoutout is an enticing incentive for some viewers.

So what happens if the viewer just wants to subscribe to the streamer just to get a shoutout? You’d be stuck with the cost, right? Well…no.

As it happens, if you just wanted to sub to get a shoutout, you can now cancel your subscription almost instantly thanks to a new Twitch refund policy.

Twitch has provided users with an option to almost instantly cancel their subscription with no charge as long as it’s within the first 10 minutes. Twitch now shows an option under “Cancel Subscription” for viewers to tick if they “just wanted to get a shoutout.”

While this feature may be very consumer-friendly from a “subscriber’s” perspective, it’s not very consumer-friendly from the perspective of the content creator. In fact, it’s pretty darn terrible for the creator.

Some content creators are worried that this new option to cancel subscriptions instantly with no charge is encouraging “subscribers” to essentially get a free shoutout. Streamers could essentially be “tricked” into receiving big donations, only to have them cancelled just moments after. If you’re financially struggling, this could be a massive blow.

At the time of writing (March 10th), Twitch has not addressed this concern from content creators, but hopefully, it will soon.

Where do you stand on this option to instantly cancel subscriptions with no charge?  Let us know across our social media channels.

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