This Valheim Mod Is All About Killer Trees

Valheim is a treacherous yet tranquil take on the afterlife. It’s a game filled with baddies, from grotesque Greydrawves to sinister skeleton warriors. Yet, sometimes it’s natures own occupational hazards that cause the most harm. Introducing the Valheim killer tree mod, a terrifying addition to the game that’s sure to give you more than a splinter [via The Digital Fix].

Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

The mod was inspired by how naturally dangerous trees are in Valheim, with each timbering log posing a potential threat. Making sure you steer clear of falling trees is an essential part of gathering wood, so you’d best be sure which way a tree is going to fall before you chop!

The Valheim killer tree mod essentially makes trees even more deadly, allowing them to spawn in groups of 20 in an attempt to murder you. 

The mods creator, Cowagames, shared their creation on Reddit, along with a short demonstration video. 

Best of all? The mod is voice-activated. By merely saying “Wood”, you can unleash an onslaught of terrible trees upon your Viking avatar.

Given how much damage a single tree can do to a player, the impact of 20 of them is sure to put you in the ground. In response to the mod, Reddit suggested that it should be used during Twitch streams as part of a channel points reward. Sounds like a bittersweet way to support your favourite streamers.

If vindictive foliage isn’t your bag, then there are various other mods out there to enhance your nordic experience. One of our favourites is this first-person view mode, which allows you to play the game from the eyes of your Viking, something that’s sure to come in handy when building!

valheim game
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Valheim is currently available on Steam and is in Early Access, so brace yourself for some janky Viking shenanigans. 

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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