Intel deploys first patches for “Lunar Lake”, possibly the 14th Gen Core series –

Intel beginning the groundwork for Lunar Lake

Intel Rocket Lake-S is just around the corner, while we are already looking 4 generations ahead.

Intel Ethernet driver “e1000e” has received initial support from Lunar Lake. This is exactly the same patch that was added to the driver for Meteor Lake, back in August. The e1000e is a wired network driver for Intel Gigabyte NIC for Linux or virtual systems. It has been frequently updated for each release. Interestingly enough, no patches for Rocket Lake were ever submitted. There were however patches for Comet Lake and Tiger Lake, which have already been released last April and September respectively.

Intel publishes e1000e driver patches for the new generation every few months. Unfortunately, we cannot use this to pinpoint the launch schedule for new generations, as the patches were added in uneven time spans.

Not much is known about Meteor Lake, let alone Lunar Lake. There were some rumors that Intel is planning to keep the LGA1700 platform for at least three generations, so theoretically it would have been the last LGA1700 CPU series. There were also leaks on integrated graphics. The series would allegedly feature Xe Gen13, the same architecture as Ponte Vecchio and Intel DG3 discrete GPUs.

Intel Lunar Lake, Source:

Intel Meteor Lake vs Raptor Lake

What may be important to note is that there are reports that Intel might launch a new series called “Raptor Lake”. So far Raptor Lake has not appeared in any leak such as the one above, but some leakers that we spoke to still believe that it will indeed launch after Alder Lake. It is being described as Alder Lake Refresh, which may explain why it is not treated as a separate architecture. A refresh would also mean it is manufactured in 10nm process technology, while Meteor Lake is now expected to be the first 7nm EUV series and to feature “Redwood Cove” big core architecture. Intel Raptor Lake on 10nm could serve as an interim product refresh till Intel finally starts the mass production of its 7nm products.

At this point in time, anything now expected after Alder Lake is still in speculative space. It is important to remember the launch schedule may shift and some products may be canceled – nothing is set in stone till Intel officially confirms it. However, it does seem that Lunar Lake is indeed being worked on already and it is described as the ‘next Intel Client platform’.

Unreleased Intel Mainstream CPU Series Specs Rocket Lake-S Alder Lake-S Raptor Lake-S Meteor Lake-S Lunar Lake-S
Launch Year March 30, 2021 Q4 2021 2020 (?) 2022-2023 (?) 2023-2024 (?)
Fabrication Node 14nm 10nm Enhanced SuperFin 10nm Enhanced SuperFin (?) 7nm Enhanced SuperFin (?) TBC
Core µArch Cypress Cove Golden Cove + Gracemont Golden Cove + Gracemont (?) Redwood Cove + Gracemont (?) TBC
Graphics µArch Gen12.1 Gen12.2 Gen12.2 Gen 12.7 Gen 13
Max Core Count up to 8 cores up to 16 (8+8) up to 16 (8+8) TBC TBC
Socket LGA1200 LGA1700 LGA1700 LGA1700 TBC
Memory Support DDR4 DDR4/DDR5 TBC DDR5 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe 4.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0
Intel Core Series 11th Gen Core-S 12th Gen Core-S TBC 13th Gen Core-S 14th Gen Core-S
Motherboard Chipsets Intel 500 (Z590) Intel 600 (eg. Z690) TBC TBC TBC

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