Gamer Sneaks PS5 Into Family Home By Claiming It’s A Wi-Fi Router

A man has reportedly infiltrated his family home with a brand new PS5 console by pretending that it was a Wi-Fi router.

Credit: GameByte

Getting hold of a new-gen console is not a cheap or easy task right now. If you wanted to buy the more expensive disc-version of the PlayStation 5 it will cost you an RRP of £450/$500, and even more if you go through resellers.

When you consider that many of us are struggling financially during the current global pandemic, the loved ones in your life might not see spending £450 on a video games console as a top priority.

An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: Sony

So in order to (at times, poorly) hide the fact that we spend hundreds on games consoles rather than let’s say, home improvements, some sneaky actions might be needed to get new-gen consoles into family homes.

One such sneaky so-and-so is Le Gia Hung from Vietnam, who lives at home with his family. In order to avoid any questions from his family as to how much he may have spent on his new PS5 console, he pretended that he had installed a new Wi-Fi router into his living room [via GiveMeSport].

fb post ps5 router
Credit: Facebook/Le Gia Hung

Gia Hung even covered up the PlayStation logo, and replaced it with a Wi-Fi sticker to take the sinister family cover-up that extra mile.

In an attempt to add some extra humour to the situation (which likely simultaneously blew his cover), Gia Hung posted some photos on his Facebook page saying: “Even though the new Wi-Fi device is a bit big, it’s not a problem”.

PS5 dualsense
Credit: Sony

Though I would imagine that, with or without Gia Hung’s Facebook post, I don’t think the family cover-up would have lasted all that long. 

I must give credit to this man for putting a smile on my face during a cold Monday morning. Here’s hoping his family allowed him to keep the console!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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