Intel’s full 11th Gen Core “Tiger Lake-H” lineup listed, new 6-core “11260H” CPU appears –

Intel Tiger Lake-H Specifications: Episode 2

Updated specs and a new part emerges. 

Yesterday a leak had emerged on a laptop manufacturer’s website that featured unreleased Intel 11th Gen Core H-series mobile processor specifications. While the site did confirm the names of the new SKUs, as well as their configurations, the clock speeds that were provided were inaccurate. As it turns out, the DT Research laptop from the leak would be using Intel Tiger Lake-H series CPUs in 35W mode, an optional power mode. In this case, the laptop is actually a rugged mobile workstation, a machine could certainly sacrifice performance in exchange for a longer battery lifespan.

A leaker known as @OneRaichu, who has already provided many leaks on Intel Xe Graphics, including upcoming DG2 graphics, has provided a list of all 11th Gen Core H-series SKUs with their specifications. The tweet appears to confirm 45W mode base clocks, which are indeed higher:

Three 8-core parts: 11980HK, 11900H, and 11800H

The flagship SKU known as Core i9-11980HK would feature a base clock of 2.6 GHz. In 65W power mode, a special mode specifically for this unlocked processor, the base clock would increase to 3.1 GHz. The leaker also shares all-core turbo 4.4 GHz as well as single-core turbo 5.0 GHz frequencies for the CPU. According to the tweet, Core i9-11900H would only be 100 MHz slower in all states. A third 8-core model from the H-series, Core i7-11800H, would boost up to 4.6 GHz with a base clock of 2.4 GHz.

Two 6-core parts: 11400H and 11260H

The leaker also provided specifications for the 6-core parts, namely Core i5-11400H and yet unmentioned SKU in other leaks – 11260H (it is not stated if this is Core i5 or i3 part). We are looking at a 2.7 GHz base clock and 4.5 GHz turbo for the higher part and 100 MHz lower clocks for the 11260H. What is also unclear is whether the 11260H will have Hyper-Threading enabled.

The specs that were posted by DT Research are for the 35W power mode:

Intel Tiger Lake-H Specifications, Source: DT Research

Intel has not yet confirmed the launch date for its 11th Gen Core H-series, but it appears that we are a month or two away from the release. From what we have learned, notebook manufacturers are already offering prelaunch briefing to media outlets.

RUMORED Intel Tiger Lake H Series Specifications
Core SKU Cores / Threads Base Clock All-Core Turbo Max 1-Core Turbo TDP
Core i9-11980HK
Core i9-11900H
Core i7-11800H
Core i5-11400H
Core i5-11260H
Core i7-11375H
Core i7-11370H
Core i5-11300H

Source: @OneRaichu

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