Chinese laptops with Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU and GeForce RTX 30 GPUs spotted –

Hasee is tired of waiting for Tiger Lake-H, launches Rocket Lake-s based laptops instead

The company that is actively selling laptops to miners has once again been caught doing ‘improper things. 

Hasee TX8/TX9 Intel 11th Gen Core-based laptops, Source: JD

Despite Intel refusing to announce Rocket Lake-S CPUs, leakers, retailers and now laptop makers have all been sharing data on next-gen CPUs. The 11th Gen Core series codenamed Rocket Lake-S is not expected to go on sale before March 30th, this date has already been confirmed by Intel. Yet, we see German retailers selling hundreds of CPUs ahead of launch and now we have first preorder pages for 11th Gen-based laptops.

What Hasee is selling here is not the 11th Gen core series for laptops that you might have expected. It is neither Tiger Lake-U, nor it is Tiger Lake-H35. It is definitely not Tiger Lake-H(45), which has not even been announced yet. The CPUs that are being offered here are desktop variants, hence they lack H or U monickers.

The laptop that has been listed for preorder is the Hasee Ares TX8/TX9 series. It is also available with the 10th Gen Core Comet Lake Series, the desktop variants of course. This means that the laptop maker already had the motherboard ready and the process of upgrading the system to a newer CPU was as easy as replacing the processor and updating the BIOS.

Hasee offers Core i7-11700 and Core i5-11400 CPU options. Both are non-K variants with TDP up to 65W). We do not know if those processors have been limited in any other way. The Core i7 part is an 8-core chip while the Core i5 is 6-core. Both are offered with GeForce RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 GPUs.

In terms of pricing, the cheapest model (TX8) with Core i5-11400 will cost 8399 CNY which is around 1300 USD. The higher-end TX9 will retail at 10800 CNY which is 1670 USD. There appears to be no information on the shipping date, but one would assume that the launch will happen this month.

Speficiations of Intel 11th Gen Core-based laptops, Source: JD

Hasee TX8 Intel 11th Gen Core-based laptops, Source: JD

Source: Hasee (JD) via @momomo_us

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