Battlefield 6 Has Seemingly Been Teasing Its Location All Along

There have been loads of Battlefield 6 rumours lately, however, these latest rumours may be the strongest yet as they suggest that the game’s location has been sitting in plain sight!

Credit: EA/DICE

At last year’s State of Play back in June 2020, EA gave us the first tease for Battlefield 6 in the form of a tech demo, while also giving us our first glimpse at the new Dragon Age.

The tech demo showcased what can be done in terms of large-scale combat, character animation and realistic visuals.

battlefield 5
Credit: EA/DICE

During the tech demo, we also saw a close-up of an unnamed NPC and up until now, as impressive as the visuals were, I thought nothing else of it. However, it seems that there was a tease in the video for Battlefield 6 all along!

At first glance nothing seems to be unusual with the unnamed NPC, however, with some contrast tinkering and by slowing down the video, some numbers can be seen which first appear on the nose of the character in question.

So what are these numbers exactly?  Well, YouTuber DANNYonPC discovered that these numbers appear to be coordinates. When these coordinates are entered into Google Maps, they take us to Kazakhstan [via GamesRadar].

Now I know that these numbered “coordinates” could be pure coincidence, but there’s more.

In Battlefield 5 there is a challenge that unlocks a skin for a character named Eidolon. This character looks to be quite run-of-the-mill and nothing unusual. However, this skin also carries some numbers that take us to Kazakhstan.

The Eidolon character skin carries a medallion on their wristband, and this wristband has Roman numerals. When translated, they also appear to be GPS coordinates again takes us to Kazakhstan.

Battlefield image
Credit: EA/DICE

This could all be pure coincidence and rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt, but with two sets of numbers hidden within the Battlefield franchise, it’s likely this is the location for Battlefield 6!

Do you believe that these apparent coordinates are hinting at the location of Battlefield 6? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE

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