AMD to enable Smart Access Memory (Resizable BAR) on Ryzen 3000 processors –

AMD Smart Access Memory coming to Ryzen 3000 CPUs

AMD today confirmed it will bring support for Smart Access Memory on older CPUs.

After lisetining to fan’s feedback, AMD decided to enable Smart Access Memory technology for older generation of Ryzen CPUs.

During “Where Gaming Begins: Episode 3” launch event for the Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card, Scott Herkelman confirmed AMD will bring support for SAM on Zen2 based CPUs. This technology allows the CPU to communicate GPU more efficienty. The CPU can access the full VRAM (either 16GB or 12GB depending on the model), which helps boost the perforamnce in certain workloads.

In gaming SAM provides up to 16% perforamnce increase, with an average of 6% on Navi 21 GPUs. AMD did not provide the exact perforamance figures for Zen2 and Navi22 based configurations yet.

The new annoucment shoudn’t really be a surprise to anyone. NVIDIA recently annoucned that it will bring Resizable BAR support to their GeForce graphics cards starting with RTX 3060. The company confirmed it will support ReBAR on AMD 400 series motherboards, but only if Zen3 CPUs are used.

AMD Smart Access Memory on Ryzen 3000 Series, Source: AMD

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