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NVIDIA confirms first two CMP HX GPUs are not based on Ampere

The announcement of the new processors for crypto mining was a surprise to everyone. The company did not communicate the specifications of the new processors in great detail, which left everyone wondering what are the actual specifications of these cards and which GPUs will now be sacrificed for the greater good. As it turns out, the first two CMP models will not be based on Ampere architecture, which means that the availability of RTX 30 cards won’t be affected for now.

It was rumored that due to relatively high power consumption, the parts that were announced by NVIDIA were in fact based on older architecture, which would make a lot of sense. NVIDIA announced that those processors were not meeting GeForce standards anyway.

The latest 461.72 driver has confirmed that the 30HX and 40HX mining processors are indeed based on old Turing architecture. The CMP 40HX would therefore feature a custom TU106 processor, while 30HX would be equipped with TU116 based GPU:


Officially NVIDIA only revealed the power rating and memory configurations of new CMP models. Only the 30HX and 40HX models are to be released in the first quarter with 50HX and 90HX not expected till at least April.

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