A Destroy All Humans Sequel Could Be On The Way

THQNordic’s remake of Destroy All Humans could be getting a sequel, according to a cryptic PR message.

Credit: THQ Nordic

Destroy All Humans is a game that was almost lost in the vacuum of space. That is until the game was picked up and remade by THQNordic. Featuring all-new graphics and textures, Destroy All Humans (2020) is a wonderful rendition of the 1950s sci-fi spoof, which first released back in 2005.

A Destroy All Humans Sequel Already?

Destroy All Humans art
Credit: THQ Nordic

Yesterday, THQNordic announced that the game would be available for 50 per cent off until 26th February, a whopping discount for those yet to play the game. However, bundled in with this announcement was a quirky reference, one of which suggests that there’s more to come from THQNordic’s take on the Destroy All Humans franchise.

The reference is made at the end of the game’s Midweek Madness trailer, promoting the games limited time discount. Just as the trailer is set to end, another Furon alien invader creeps onto the set, asking the game’s protagonist, Crypto, “are you done yet, 137?”. Crypto then responds by saying, “wait your turn, little tadpole”, before turning to the screen and claiming “, I’m only getting started.”

What Might This Mean?

Destroy All Humans art
Credit: THQ Nordic

It’s safe to assume that this means that Destroy All Humans is getting some sort of DLC. However, the finer details tell us that there could be a sequel on the way. Crypto’s on-screen colleague appears to be his clone from the second game, wearing the same space suit featured in the original 2006 sequel. 

Destroy All Humans 2 features the story of Cryptosporidium-138, a clone of the original Crypto who just so happens to be the only Furon with genitalia. Weirdly, this is also identifiable from the trailer, as the second Crypto’s spacesuit has some sort of crotch compartment. 

While a sequel to the Destroy All Humans remake hasn’t been officially announced, this teaser is likely meant to be a DLC reveal at the very least. Perhaps we’ll see the events of Destroy All Humans 2 broken down into bite-sized DLC chunks. If there’s one certain thing, it’s that Crypto’s invasion of earth is far from over.

Featured Image Credit: THQ Nordic

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