You Can Now Play Valheim In First-Person Thanks To New Mod

Looking for a more immersive experience with Valheim? Well we’ve got good news, as you can now play Valheim in first-person!

Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Valheim is a wonderful take on the survival crafting genre, placing players in a Viking limbo imbued with a mix of horror and tranquillity. While the game is exceptionally immersive by its own merit, its third-person perspective perhaps leaves players longing to see the game’s world through their avatar’s eyes. Well, now you can, thanks to an innovative mod that switches Valheim’s perspective to first-person.

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Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

The mod is still a work in progress, but it essentially makes Valheim feel more like a cross between The Elder Scrolls and Minecraft [via PCGamer]. The game’s already rich and vibrant world looks even more so from your character’s perspective. Not to mention that tasks like building, chopping down trees and combat benefit from the change. 

That being said, there are still some quirks when it comes to using things like shields, which seem to block the player’s field of view. Still, considering that the game is designed with a third-person perspective in mind, the mod is pretty damn impressive. Players can even use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the first-person mode, meaning it can be enabled when needed.

Personally, I can see players benefiting greatly from being able to place buildable objects from a first-person viewpoint. Having increased placement accuracy will mean that players will be able to create buildings and structures in a similar way to Minecraft. This mod might seem like a basic mechanic, but it could facilitate a wealth of creativity and customisation within the game.

Valheim doesn’t currently have any official mod support. Hopefully, that will change in the future. Until then, perhaps fans can transform Valheim’s experience even further with more creative mods. 

valheim game
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

If you’d like to try out the first-person mod for yourself, you can do so by visiting Nexusmods. Before you do that, you’ll want to install a precursor mod called BepInExPack, which the former mod needs to run. 

Will you be playing Valheim in first-person?

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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