Fans Are Very Hopeful For Gears Of War 2 Remaster

Gears of War fans are speculating about a potential Gears of War 2 remaster after a “teaser” was posted to the game’s official Twitter.

Credit: Xbox Game Studios

As spotted by Comicbook, the alleged teaser features a picture of a clenched fist holding a string of COG tags. The image itself bears little detail and the post comes with no accompanying captions.

Despite this teaser’s lack of details, the power of imagination has lead fans to believe that this is a teaser for Gears of War 2 Remastered. 

The tweet was soon flooded with fans begging for a Gears of War 2 remaster, but the account quickly tried to quell the fire.

We LOVE the enthusiasm…but we are all #Gears5 up over here,” said the account in response.

Nevertheless, fans still continued to draw comparisons between the fist in this teaser and Marcus Fenix’s fist on the cover of Gears 2. While this theory is undoubtedly clutching at COGs, you’ve got to hand it to the fans for being so hopeful and creative when deciphering this teaser. The two art pieces aren’t exactly identical, but they are similar enough to raise an eyebrow. 

gears of war 2
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Gears of War 2 first released on the Xbox 360 back in 2008 and expanded upon its predecessor’s mechanics and gameplay, bringing the series to new heights. This Gears sequel is arguably the best game in the series.

Gears 6 hasn’t been announced yet, so it’s incredibly likely that this teaser is Microsoft’s way of kickstarting the proceedings. Maintaining fan excitement is essential to Microsoft, so this teaser will likely be followed by some sort of announcement in the near future.

gears of war 2
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

That being said, it could be a while yet before we can actually play Gears 6. Historically, there’s been a substantial gap between releases in the Gears franchise, so we might not see a new Gears game until at least 2023. 

Who knows, perhaps Microsoft plans to fill the gap between Gears 5 and 6 with a cheeky Gears of War 2 Remaster. I mean, they did release Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in between the third and fourth instalment to the series…

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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