Elden Ring ‘80% Likely To Release This Year,’ Claims Insider

Elden Ring feels like vapourware at this point. It was announced back in 2019 and very little has been said about the game since. However, according to Fanbyte editor Imran Khan, we’ll be hearing more about Elden Ring before this year’s E3, and it could even release this year!

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Khan made the comments during a recent Twitch stream. The words were then shared to Twitter by Álvaro, before heading to Reddit’s Gaming Leaks and Rumours page. It’s noted that the user is a fairly reliable source within the industry.

The tweet states that “The well-known within the industry Imram Khan, during a live on Twitch, does not assure, but he is quite convinced that we will see something new about ELDEN RING before E3, even so ‘he cannot add more,’” (translated from Spanish)

This was then validated by another Twitter user, Mohammed (@Dai2king), who claims they asked Khan about Elden Ring during the stream.

Khan allegedly stated that he was “80 per cent” sure that the game would release in 2021 and that insiders expect the reveal to be made in March. It’s hard to tell whether this information is based on Khan’s own industry insight or insider information, but it seems like he knows more than he’s supposed to. 

Of course, making such remarks about such a highly coveted game is a sure way to get the rumour fire burning.

It’s coming up on two years since we last year anything about Elden Ring, and it’s surprising that much information hasn’t leaked about the project before now. While we’d always advise taking a spoonful of scepticism when gulping down rumours, there’s a good chance that this information is legitimate.

Image of hero from Elden Ring
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Do you think Elden Ring could release in 2021?

Here at GameByte, we’ve been chomping at the bit for more Elden Ring news. If you’d like to check out everything we’ve learned about FromSoftware’s upcoming RPG, you can do!

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