It’s Looking Hopeful For Fan-Created Ocarina Of Time PC Port

A project that aims to facilitate a port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to PC is near completion, according to a report by VGC

Credit: Nintendo

The Zelda Reverse Engineering Team (ZRET) has been reverse-engineering the N64 classic for over a year now. This has been achieved by recoding the entire game from scratch using modern languages.

By using this method, ZRET has managed to recreate Ocarina of Time without using any copyrighted source code or assets belonging to Nintendo. Technically, this should legally safeguard the project.

The project is similar to that of the Super Mario 64 fan port, which allows players to experience the Nintendo classic on PC.

mario 64
Credit: Nintendo

The Mario 64 port features high-resolution capabilities and facilitates modding, allowing for things like new graphics and fancy effects such as ray-tracing. The Ocarina of Time PC port looks to be promising a similar experience, one that will hopefully be available later this year.

According to ZRET’s official website, the project is over 65 per cent complete. The site also specifies that the build is based on the GameCube version of Master Quest due to its debugging capabilities.

When asked about a potential Ocarina of Time PC port last year, ZRET member Rozlette told ArsTechnica that it wasn’t just a case of saying “compile it for Windows”.

zelda oot
Credit: Nintendo

Rozlette stated that, “There is a lot of code that deals with talking to N64 hardware. The N64 render pipeline is very different than modern OpenGL”. It’s worth mentioning that while ZRET’s decomposition of the original Zelda code will likely result in the game being ported to PC, it’s not something that ZRET itself is focused on. 

ocarina of time zelda
Credit: Nintendo

Another ZRET member, Kenix, previously stated that, “We [ZRET] just decompile the game. Someone else will inevitably pick it up and write the PC port.

This means that after the code has been decompiled, it’ll be up to fans to get it working on PC. While this means that it’ll take additional time before actually getting a playable PC version of Ocarina of Time, it at least means that it’ll be entirely possible. 

Who knows, perhaps we’ll be traversing a 4K version of Hyrule sooner than you’d think!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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