GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 HOF series now available for preorder for at least 2,672 USD –

GALAX RTX 3090 HOF preorders

The ultra-premium GALAX HOF series are now listed by multiple retailers around the world. 

Manufacturer today announced where the HOF branded graphics cards will be available for preorder. This ultra-premium series targeted at enthusiasts and extreme overclockers will indeed be very limited in quantity, even more than any other RTX 3090 already on the market. According to the Galax Malaysia preorder page, only one card will be distributed to each of the 11 participating stores in the country. The number of cards distributed to other regions is unknown.

The GALAX HOF series have only been announced under GeForce RTX 3090 SKU, it is unclear if the company has any plans for RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 models at this point. As many as three RTX 3090 variants were announced, which are offered with either higher clock speeds or an eye-catching HOF Panel III (a special 4.3-inch color display that can be attached to the graphics card).

The cheapest model without the display will retail at 2,672 up to 3,367 USD (after conversion and with sales tax included). This is 78% to 124% higher price than RTX 3090 MSRP, clearly showing that this model is not for everyone. It is unclear if the card will be sold in the future, or whether this is just a one-off release. Otherwise, it would probably make sense to wait for graphics card pricing to normalize.

There is a special bundle that comes with the RTX 3090 HOF cards. Customers who decide to pull the trigger on HOF cards will receive a HOF LINKS figure and a HOF hoodie in a gift set.

Exclusive GALAX RTX3090 HOF Bundle, Source: GALAX

Only one store lists the possible shipping date, and that appears to be March 12th. On the official preorder website, Galax does actually list more countries than in the chart below, but some links lead to Facebook pages without any information on preorder. Such links were omitted.

GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 HOF Preorders
Preorder links HOF Limited Edition HOF Premium HOF
Australia 4,499 AUD 3,990 AUD 3,899 AUD
Malaysia 10,799 RM
Poland 10,999 PLN
Saudi Arabia No price listed
Sweden 25,990 SEK
United Kingdom 2,400 GBP
Vietnam 89,900,000 VND 72,900,000 VND 69,990,000 VND

GALAX RTX 3090 HOF preorder in Australia

GALAX RTX 3090 HOF preorder in Poland

GALAX RTX 3090 HOF preorder in the UK

GALAX RTX 3090 HOF preorder in Vietnam

Source: GALAX

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