AMD Instinct MI200 MCM-based accelerator to launch this year? –

AMD ‘accelerates’ plans for Instinct MI200 with MCM design?

AMD Instinct MI200 to launch this year.

According to a leak posted by Komachi, AMD is planning to introduce its new compute accelerator called Instinct MI200 already this year. The MI200 is a next-gen CDNA-based accelerator that is rumored to feature MCM design. The specifications are unknown, but it is believed that MI200 could feature twice as many cores as Arcturus.

AMD Instinct MI200 is expected to debut with Frontier supercomputer alongside AMD Trento EPYC CPUs. The changes compared to Milan are not yet known, but they are either optimized for the supercomputer’s operation or provide new features such as PCI Gen5 support.

AMD Trento and MI200 Launch Date, Source: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

The product is listed as MCM Special FIO Accelerator. The MCM stands for multi-chip-module while FIO means “Factory Installation Option”. It is also confirmed that the MI200 would use the OAM form factor (open-source accelerator infrastructure). According to the document, the accelerator will be available with an HPE Cray EX supercomputer.

AMD Instinct MI200, Source: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

Earlier this week, an article was written at Coelacanth’s Dream claiming that MI200 could still be based on GFX900 GPU Vega architecture (GFX90A). This is the same graphics family tree as MI100’s GFX9. However, the accelerator would now support full-rate FP64 as noted by a feature added to instruction set architecture (ISA): “FullRate640ps”.

AMD Instinct Accelerators
Accelerator Name AMD Radeon Instinct MI60 AMD Instinct MI100 AMD Instinct MI200
Architecture 7nm GCN5 7nm CDNA1 (GFX908) CDNA2 (GFX90A) ?
GPU Vega 20 Arcturus Unknown Multi-Chip
GPU Cores 4096 7680 TBC
GPU Clock Speed 1800 MHz ~1500 MHz TBC
FP16 Compute 29.5 TFLOPs 185 TFLOPs TBC
FP32 Compute 14.7 TFLOPs 23.1 TFLOPs TBC
FP64 Compute 7.4 TFLOPs 11.5 TFLOPs TBC
Memory Clock 1000 MHz 1200 MHz TBC
Memory Bus 4096-bit bus 4096-bit bus TBC
Memory Bandwidth 1 TB/s 1.23 TB/s TBC
Form Factor Dual Slot, Full Length Dual Slot, Full Length OAM
Cooling Passive Cooling Passive Cooling TBC
TDP 300W 300W TBC


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