Intel Core i9-11900K “Rocket Lake-S” series packaging leaked –

Intel updates Core i9 series packaging

First look at Core i9 packaging

Last year Intel team updated the company’s logo, marketing materials, and packaging design for new products. We have already seen the new logo on 11th Gen Core laptops featuring Tiger Lake series, Intel NUC 11 Mini-PC and now we get to see the upcoming flagship Core i9 desktop processor series packaging.

It’s worth noting, that last week we had a first look at new Core i3 series packaging. However, those processors will not be part of the 11th Gen Core series, as Intel will be refreshing its quad-core Comet Lake-S series.

The packaging for new desktop CPUs looks pretty much like their logos. It a simple design that should definitely catch your attention while you are at a store. Of course, each box will have a sticker featuring the exact CPU model name.

Intel Core i9-11900K

Intel Core i9-11900K packaging, Source: VideoCardz

Intel Core i9-11900KF

Intel Core i9-11900KF packaging, Source: VideoCardz

Intel Core i9-11900

Intel Core i9-11900 packaging, Source: VideoCardz

Intel Core i9-11900F

Intel Core i9-11900F packaging, Source: VideoCardz

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