Mario Golf: Super Rush Announced, Looks Surprisingly…Incredible?

The newly-announced Mario Golf: Super Rush might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks surprisingly good.

Credit: Nintendo

Mario and his mates have taken up many sports over the years. From frantic games of 5-a-side football to tennis games that would make even Andy Murray weep, the Mushroom Kingdom’s moustached megastar loves his sport. However, there is one activity that Mario dabbles in from time to time that just doesn’t sound all that riveting – golf. 

Golf is a divisive sport. For some, it’s a way to both exercise, relieve stress and engage in something competitive. To others, it’s just a game that involves a lot of walking. Last night, we caught a glimpse at Nintendo’s new Mario Golf game, and oh boy, if real-life golf looked this fun, I’d have a putter in my hand right now.

mario super golf
Credit: Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest game in the Mario Golf series, with Mario’s last outing taking place seven years ago on the 3DS. Despite being described as “golf”, Nintendo’s take on the sport is worlds away from reality. Just like every sporting event in the Mushroom Kingdom, the rules are somewhat warped in the name of fun. 

As you’d perhaps expect, Mario Golf: Super Rush plans to take full advantage of the fancy motion-sensing hardware within the Switch’s Joy-Cons. Super Rush’s trailer demonstrates the accuracy available to players by using motion-controls, which looks to be pretty precise. Players will have complete control over their shots, making the whole experience feel almost like a real game of golf (just ignore that giant lizard across the lawn).

Mario’s latest golfing holiday also features a new Speed Golf Multiplayer mode, which is a complete contradiction to the sport’s usual pacing. This mode transforms the game into something that’s as manic as Fall Guys, with an emphasis on being first to reach the end of the course. Each character can use powerups and abilities to help them traverse the game’s elaborate golf courses, with the ultimate goal of getting your ball into that finishing hole.

If you like some context with your sporting events, then Mario Golf: Super Rush also has a story mode. This adventure has players ascending through the golfing ranks, facing off against familiar faces to become the Mushroom Kingdom’s next Tiger Woods.

Mario Golf: Super Rush drives its way onto Nintendo Switch on 25th June 2021 and honestly? This might mark the first time ever that I’ve actively bought a golf game.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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