Free-To-Play Star Wars: Hunters Officially Announced

At the first proper Nintendo Direct event in nearly 18 months, a brand new Star Wars game was announced for the Nintendo Switch, Star Wars: Hunters.

Credit: Lucasfilm Games

While gameplay details are a bit scarce at the moment, the game is being described as a free-to-play arena “squad-based, online multiplayer game.

Star Wars: Hunters will feature characters from the Star Wars universe both on the light side and dark side of the Force. Unique characters include the likes of heroes and villains from the franchise, Bounty Hunters, Stormtroopers and more.

In Star Wars: Hunters you will build your own team and face-off against other squads in the online arena-based shooter.

While we have no details as to whether Star Wars: Hunters will feature a proper story, the game is said to take place between the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The studio developing the game is NaturalMotion Games, which has primarily developed mobile games for Android and iOS devices.

The reveal of the new Star Wars title follows the recent announcement that Electronic Arts no longer holds exclusive video game rights to the license.

EA will still be developing Star Wars games,it just won’t be alone in doing so. The Division developer Ubisoft Massive is developing a Star Wars game, which is said to be a “groundbreaking” open-world title.

Credit: Lucasfilm Games

In related Star Wars news, some reports claim that fan-favourite Star Wars: Republic Commando might also be heading to the Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars: Hunters will release for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm Games

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