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ZOTAC promotes mining farm, tags it #Gaming

If you were hoping to get a ZOTAC graphics card to play games, you may need to wait a bit longer. The company is now publically endorsing GPU mining farms featuring their own graphics cards. 

These days it is not easy to be a gamer. Not only new graphics cards and high-end CPUs are out of stock, but even the consoles are hard to get in some regions. In the end, gamers are either expected to wait for things to normalize or pay extra for the hardware that they desperately need.

ZOTAC appears to be switching its business to a mining supplier. On Twitter, the company has published a photo showing a mining rig featuring GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge graphics cards. The company even had the audacity to tag the photo #PcGaming, as if this setup had anything to do with gaming. This all happens at the same time as ZOTAC graphics cards are nowhere to be found at MSRP.

Games should definitely take notice that ZOTAC has no intention to fight mining, the company is now engaged in endorsing mining with their own products.

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