Dota Is Getting An Animated Netflix Series

Netflix is getting a new animated series based upon the multiplayer online battle arena Dota, arriving on March 25th.

The news of the Dota (Defence of the Ancients) animated series coming to Netflix was announced on the official Dota social media pages.

We’re excited to announce a brand-new anime series exploring the Dota universe like never before,” said the Dota Twitter account.

The tweet continued: “As fellow fans of Dota and its passionate global community, we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you when it premieres on Netflix March 25.

However despite Dota having a huge fan base, just by scrolling down the Twitter thread which announced the news it seems that many fans are not happy with the animated series announcement.

Credit: Netflix

What a stupid s***, improve the game and hear your playerbase every year the playerbase gets lower and lower and don’t come here saying RTS is dying when lol has been top on twitch for years now” said one angry follower.


Scrolling further down the thread, I did find at least one happy fan. Well I assume they’re happy, as I’m not the best at reading potential sarcasm.

No waayyy… Dota? Anime? This gon be goood” said the follower.

The official title of the Netflix animated series is “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” and with its announcement came a short teaser trailer, which can be found below.

Are you looking forward to the Dota animated series arriving on Netflix on March 25th? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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