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Lenovo pre-built PC with GeForce RTX 3070 Ti briefly listed at Alternate

The listing is likely a mistake.

A while back, we have reported that Lenovo pre-built system is listed with an unannounced GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card. The Lenovo Legion T7 34IMZ5 has appeared on September 2nd, just a day after NVIDIA introduced its new GeForce series. Since then, the RTX 3070 Ti/SUPER SKUs have indeed been emerging in various leaks, but we eventually confirmed that all plans to launch such an SKU have been either abandoned or postponed. There is a possibility that we might see RTX 3070 Ti at some point in the future, but the listing on the Lenovo page was a clear mistake that has since then been fixed. No RTX 3070 Ti is listed on the Lenovo website anymore, at least not with this pre-built system.

Meanwhile, while the actual PCs are distributed to retailers, the information that attached to the product appears to be outdated and for some reason still based on the wrong data. Thus, over the weekend GameStar noticed that Alternate lists the T7 34IMZ45 system with the RTX 3070 Ti. This is the exact same system that appeared on the Lenovo website 5 months ago.

Legion T7 34IMZ5, Source: Alternate

As soon as the website reached out to the retailer, the page has been taken down after the shop confirmed it was a bug. This indicates that the description was wrong and such a product does not exist, but one would ask, why was the whole page removed, instead of just fixing the typo on the GPU name. This of course leads to speculation that the retailer might be trying to hide something, but we don’t think that this is the case here.

GameStar also reached out to NVIDIA for a comment, but the manufacturer refused to provide any on ‘unreleased products’.

Earlier Legion T7 34IMZ5 specs leaks (dated September 2nd, 2020):

Lenovo Legion T7 with GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

Source: GameStar via Guru3D

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