Pat Gelsinger becomes CEO of Intel –

Pat Gelsinger Becomes CEO of Intel

Today marks Intel’s official CEO transition as Pat Gelsinger becomes the company’s eighth chief executive officer in its history. Gelsinger is an accomplished CEO and industry veteran with more than four decades of technology and leadership experience – including 30 years at Intel, where he began his career.

Gelsinger shared his thoughts on returning to lead the company, saying:

“As the incoming CEO, I am just really thrilled that we have the opportunity to take this great icon of a company, this company that has been crucial to every aspect of technology, and have it be that leader again into the future. Because I believe that Intel has a treasure trove of technologists, of technology, and ultimately its core DNA is being that technology leader for the future. I’m just thrilled as a technologist, as a geek at heart, to be able to be in that leadership role to help bring the passions, the history, the opportunity of this great company forward as never before. Our best days are in front of us.”

[Intel Newsroom] CEO Pat Gelsinger on Leading Intel (25 views)

Bob Swan: My Final Letter to Intel Employees

In my final week as CEO, I sent this letter to the more than 110,000 Intel employees around the world.


As my final week at Intel comes to a close, I want to leave you with a thank you.

I joined Intel because I believed it to be one of the best companies ever built, and a company that matters to the world. Over the course of my journey with all of you, I have grown even more convinced of that belief. Intel’s purpose – to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on Earth – is now more essential to the world than ever.

I’m proud of the significant progress we’ve made as a team over the past couple of years to advance our strategy of transforming to a multi-architecture XPU company, moving from silicon to platforms and modernizing our IDM model – all so we can play a larger role in our customers’ success. Today, the company is in a stronger strategic and financial position to deliver on its purpose and overcome the challenges ahead. And there will be challenges. They will require you to come together as one Intel and embrace our values more than ever. You’ll have to take some risks, play to win and leave it all on the field. But as I always say: If it were easy, anyone could do it. Because it’s hard, it’s meant for Intel.

When I stepped into the role as CEO two years ago, I told you I was humbled, honored, excited and a bit overwhelmed. I am leaving Intel feeling much the same. I’m humbled and honored to have worked alongside all of you to grow this company, evolve our culture and unleash the brilliant talents of more than 110,000 employees around the world to deliver innovative technology that our customers need. I know that this wonderful company’s best days are ahead. And, finally, I leave feeling overwhelmed by gratitude for what we’ve accomplished together, the memories made and the warm wishes you have extended to me. Thank you.

As Robert Noyce said: “Go off and do something wonderful.” I’m counting on you. The world is counting on you.



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