No Man’s Sky Fan’s Birthday Celebration Is Every Gamer’s Fantasy

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play your favourite game on an actual cinema screen? This No Man’s Sky player got to find out with a birthday celebration that’ll definitely make you jealous.

Credit: Hello Games

Derek Sword, a No Man’s Sky fanatic, was treated to the ultimate birthday celebration when his fiancee rented him an entire movie theatre, just for No Man’s Sky.

Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky, shared Sword’s story on Twitter. The accompanying screenshot provides the circumstances for the elaborate present, as told by Sword himself:

So tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. I’ve played no mans sky since day one, and my fiance [sic] knows my obsession with it. For my birthday this year she rented out an entire movie theatre so I could play it on the big screen. Best birthday ever. The last picture is from metaton rainfall.

Murray shared the heartwarming story on Saturday while commenting, “His fiancé rented a cinema to play No Man’s Sky,” coupled with some cutesy emojis. The post was untagged, but it didn’t take long for our lucky birthday boy to find the developer’s remarks.

In response to making himself known, Derek Sword was asked by Twitter user Teraphas, “How long did you get the theatre for? And how is the transition going back to normal TV size?.”

Sword, who goes by the Twitter handle “NomadsSky” stated that the theatre, Cinemark, charged $100 for two hours, before going on to lament, “yes it was hard going back to my tv lol”.

Amongst other questions asked about the experience, Sword was also asked what the input latency was like when playing on the big screen. Fear not, purists, as Sword claims that gaming at the cinema felt just like it does at home (asides from the enormous screen).

Movie theatres across the globe have been hit hard due to COVID-19, so it’s nice to see them being used. Perhaps this story will kick-start a new trend of cinemas renting out their screens to gamers. However, considering how much this particular session cost, it’s probably best to smuggle in your own snacks.

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Featured Image Credit: Hello Games

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