Internet Cafes are transforming into Cryptocurrency Mining Cafes: ‘profits are higher’ –

COVID19 claims another victim, Vietnamese Internet Cafe transforms into cryptocurrency mining firm

Internet Cafe switching into the mining business.

When people can’t meet at Internet Cafes due to local restrictions meant to limit the spread of a virus, (now empty) businesses are transforming into cryptocurrency mining cafes. The owner of a Vietnamese Internet Cafe has announced it is switching business to GPU mining operation. “Profits are higher”, the company has announced on Facebook.

Switching business season, Profits are higher than net business, whoever wants to do, contact me for free.

— @lapdatphongnetngoisao (translated by @I_Leak_VN)

GPU Mining at Internet Cafe, Source: Star Computer – Tin Học Ngôi Sao

This particular Internet Cafe is owned by a computer store, which may explain how they got access to numerous GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards in the first place. While we can’t blame a business for trying to stay afloat, one would say that it could just as easily sell those cards rather than use them for mining. In the end, those are just another RTX 3080 graphics cards that have been sacrificed to mine cryptocurrency.

GPU Mining at Internet Cafe, Source: Star Computer – Tin Học Ngôi Sao

Source: (Star Computer – Tin Học Ngôi Sao) via @I_Leak_VN

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