Intel to launch three 8-core 11th Gen Core ‘Tiger Lake-H’ series CPUs? –

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Intel Tiger Lake-H from 6 to 8 cores.

Tiger Lake CPUs with more than 4 cores are just around the corner. 

The first Tiger Lake-based processors for high-end gaming laptops have been introduced at CES 2021. Only this month’s first laptops with such CPUs have started to appear in stores. Officially the H35 series are targeted at slim gaming machines similarly to AMD Ryzen 5000HS series. Both processors offer comparable single-core performance, while AMD CPUs are a clear winner in multi-threaded applications due to a higher number of cores. This time around, Intel is late with its 45W 8-core mobile processors. This forced notebook makers either to rely on the 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-H series or use AMD Ryzen 5000H series exclusively.

Intel is allegedly planning to introduce its 45W 8-core series by the end of the second quarter. The timing implies that we might hear more about the CPUs at Computex which takes place in June after a one-year absence due to a pandemic outbreak.

Meanwhile, a known leaker @momomo_us has shared the possible configuration of the upcoming H-series. The SKU names appear to match what we have already posted in the previous story. This would imply that the information is correct and at this stage, Intel is planning four SKUs. The manufacturer would launch three 8-core SKUs, including the Core i9-11980HK which is an unlocked variant. Intel would also launch Core i9-11900H and i7-11800H likely to offer different clock speeds. It is clear that Intel is trying to match AMD Ryzen 5900H and 5800H series naming, and it might also mean that those SKUs will target those specific AMD parts in future comparisons.

The list lacks parts such as 11500H or 11750H, which would be direct successors to the Comet Lake-H series. However, it is interesting to see that the first Tiger Lake-H leaks mention more 8-core than 6-core parts. The 8-core mobile processor could now become a standard in high-end gaming laptops.

Intel already confirmed that the Tiger Lake-H series will boost up to 5.0 GHz on multiple cores. This likely means that the flagship Core i9-11980HK CPU might be able to boost to 5.0 GHz on at least 2 cores.

The series will also offer up to 20 PCI Gen 4.0 lanes directly attached to the CPU. This means that it will now be possible to take the full benefit of the PCIe Gen 4.0 x16 GPU interface as well as NVMe PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 at the same time.

Intel Tiger Lake H Series
Core SKU Cores / Threads Base Clock Max 1-Core Turbo Max 2-Core Turbo Max 4-Core Turbo TDP
i9-11980HK TBC TBC TBC
i7-11800H TBC TBC

Source: @momomo_us

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