Nour: Play With Your Food Is A Delightful Culinary Playground Coming To PS5

We’re frequently told to stop playing with our food as kids, but Nour: Play With Your Food is a game that implores you to do so, and it’s coming to PlayStation 5 and PC!

Credit: Terrifying Jellyfish

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Nour: Play With Your Food’s creator and sole founder of the studio Terrifying Jellyfish, Tj Hughes, describes how the game uses food as the basis of an immersive, interactive experience: 

Nour: Play With Your Food is an interactive exploration into the aesthetics of food and drink. Nour — as in nourish — refuses to adhere to traditional goals or objectives; you’re free to play with your food however you see fit, whether that be making a mess, or assembling the bowl of ramen of your dreams!

Nour: Play With Your Food
Credit: Terrifying Jellyfish

Relive those childhood memories of fiddling with your food, without the all-too-real mess to clean up afterwards. Once you’ve created your in-game masterpiece, you can enter photo mode, and live out the food blogger’s dream, taking pictures and video of your dish for the scathing eyes of social media to judge!

Inspired by real-life photos on Instagram and the wonderful world of anime food, Nour: Play With Your Friends has the potential to be used for creative good or chaotic constructions that will lead to disgust and hilarity. 

Nour: Play With Your Food
Credit: Terrifying Jellyfish

In terms of the game’s control scheme, every button can be used in some way or another, meaning that players can get creative with how they manipulate foodstuffs. 

This game is sure to be a hit with streamers, as well as those who consider photo mode to be a core mechanic within modern gaming. The game is to be published by Panic, best known for the fantastic Untitled Goose Game, which has a somewhat similar aesthetic by the looks of things.

The blog post doesn’t state a release date, but players will hopefully messing around with virtual food sometime soon when the game comes to PS5, PC and Mac.

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Featured Image Credit: Terrifying Jellyfish

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